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Welcome to Riteway Hand Laundry & Cleaners

All-In-One Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Providers Serving Hotels & Commercial Clients in NYC

Are you looking for a reliable dry cleaning service and wholesale laundry provider in NYC? Are you having challenges in making the right considerations before settling for the best of the best in commercial laundry provider in NYC? Are you a hotel owner, in need of hotel laundry and dry cleaning services? Then don’t settle for less. Look no further than Riteway Hand Laundry & Cleaners. We provide unique service, with concentration on quality cleaning and quality packaging and delivery.

Riteway Hand Laundry & Cleaners is your all in one laundry and dry cleaning services in NYC. Our company has been a trusted neighbourhood dry cleaning service provider with over 70 years of experience. We continue to pride ourselves in serving our community and delivering dependable quality commercial laundry and dry cleaning services in NYC.

Our Services

We offer commercial, residential and wholesale laundry services in NYC. Our trained staff has decades of experience in quality garment care. We specialize in:

Riteway Hand Laundry & Cleaners serves top-notch clientele in the NYC and surrounding areas where we strive to give out the best in dry cleaning services. We treat your garments and all other clothing with utmost care, all thanks to our skill and adherence to details cleaning crew.

As a reputable laundry provider in NYC, we make your life easy when it comes to caring for your wardrobe. We put into consideration your busy schedule, which is why we feature our free and dependable pickup and delivery service to give you and all our NYC customers the maximum satisfaction.

Over 70 Years of Professional Experience

For the past 70 years, Riteway Hand Laundry & Cleaners has developed a high reputation for excellence, with commercial customers spanning all over New York City (NYC).

Our laundry and dry cleaning service are exceptional. We use an impeccable blend of the most advanced and clothes-friendly techniques that give all kind of fabric the best care. With our unparalleled status of remarkable quality service and attention to detail, we have become one of the most trusted and preferred commercial and wholesale laundry providers and dry cleaning service providers for hotels, clubs, hospitals and other commercial establishments NYC and its environs.

Professional & Dependable Laundry Providers in NYC

Our professional laundry and dry cleaning service providers in NYC are always accessible to help and advise you on all aspects of care for your fabrics. Our office situated in NYC offers pleasant working conditions. We pride ourselves on our swift laundry service delivery, affordable rate and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our dry cleaning process is unique and does not subject your clothes to the rigors of traditional cleaning. Hence, we are dedicated to hand-finishing some delicate garments or fabrics.

At Riteway, we take stain removal on all fabrics with high priority and we handle with hand prior to dry cleaning, limiting the risk of damaging your garment/fabric during the removal of the stains. We have team of skilled personnel that is specifically trained in stain removal.

We not only clean all kind of fabrics, garments or clothing, we also endeavour to preserve and prolong your clothing lifespan. We stand out as a laundry service provider in NYC and surrounding areas.

Contact Us Today!

Visit our location or get in touch with us for all your commercial laundry, wholesale laundry, hotel laundry and dry cleaning services in NYC. Our team is always ready to respond to your inquiries and orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Tel: (800) 581-2960
Fax: (718) 575-8576

Free Pick-Ups and Delivery throughout the Metro area with reliable system of Routes
(See our AD in Yellow Book Manhattan)

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